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How to Install a Wood Newel Post

My personally recommended method of installing a wood newel posts is mounting through the
floor which is also the strongest and most durable. So for me the Hangar Bolt is the best method.
There are a variety of measurements that I am omitting because there are detailed instructions that
comes in the packaging of the fastening system.
Basically in this method, a single hanger bolt is threaded into the floor. First you drill a 3/8" hole into
the floor and thread the lag screw end of the newel fastener down until threads are hidden. Second
you line the post side up to the bolt sticking up from the floor and mark the post at the top of the bolt.
Find the center of the post where it intersects with the bolt mark and drill a 1- 1/2" hole into the side of
the post approximately 1-1/4" deep. (DO NOT DRILL ALL THE WAY THROUGH). Locate the center of
the post on the bottom and drill a 5/8" hole up into the post approximately 5-1/2" inches or where it
intersects with the 1-1/2" side hole. Apply wood glue to the bottom of the post and then place post over
the hangar bolt, which goes through the 5/8" hole. The top of the hanger bolt is now visible
through the
1-1/2" side hole allowing you to add a special curved washer and nut. The nut is lightly tightened down
using a wrench. Check the post for square and then tighten down until post is completely tight. Lastly you
will need to put in the 1-1/2" wood plug that came with your hanger bolt and sand smooth.

Please note that there are many ways to fasten a newel post and they all come with their own instructions
on the back of the packaging.

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