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Iron Newel Mounting Kit Installation Instructions

Trim The Newel To Length
1. Determine the newel length above the tread. Add 6 1/4" to the measurement
for insertion into the newel mounting sleeve. Transfer the total measurement
to the newel post. If the newel needs to be trimmed to length, trim from the
bottom using metal cutting chop saw or portable band saw.

Prepare The Mounting Surface
1. Locate and mark the newel counterpoint on the tread. Outline a 1-1/2" square
centered around the counterpoint (Photo2). Drill a 1" hole through the tread and
any blocking material. Use a jig saw to cut out the 1-1/2" square outline (Photo 3).
Before attaching the tread, cut blocking material out using a SawZall.

2. Slide the newel mounting sleeve completely down into the hole until the top rim is
flat on the mounting surface and mark the anchoring screw locations. Remove the
sleeve and pretrial the mounting surface for each screw location.

Secure The Iron Newel Post
1. Slide the Iron Newel Collar over the bottom of the newel and slide the newel post
into the newel mounting sleeve until the newel is flush with the bottom of the sleeve
(Photo 4).

2. Using the Allen wrench, tighten the 3 set screws into the side holes of the sleeve.
(Photo 5)

3. Slide the sleeve (with newel) completely down into the hole until the top rim is flat on
the mounting surface. (Photo 6).

4. Slide the iron newel collar up and permanently attach the sleeve to the tread using 3"
anchoring screws (Photo 7).

5. Use a two part epoxy adhesive and apply a small amount to the bottom of the collar to
secure it to the tread and let it dry (Photo 8).

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